Dual Envy

Two NYC photographers with differing styles simultaneously capture your portraits, creating both classic beauty shots + candid documentary style images – all for one price!

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About Us

Dual Envy is New York City based photography duo consisting of photographers Wesley Volcy and L. A. Nolan. We specialize in portraiture and documentary-style photography all over NYC, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island. Our service is unique in that both photographers capture your photographs at the same time, capitalizing on each of their diverse set of skills and creative eyes.

Ten plus years of collective experience has given us tacit ability in producing images that traverse natural, dreamy, serious and whimsical. The photographs we capture are meticulously constructed in order to create images that touch multiple layers of a viewer’s experience.

Wesley Volcy

Wesley is a trained actor, and as such has been around cameras ever since he was a teen. He has been involved in a number of TV shows, off-broadway plays, and movies – both in front of the and behind the camera. Starting in the early 2010's, he began to dive deeper into the artistic world of photography and acquired a Canon DSLR camera to help him capture the visions he saw in his mind’s eye. Being a performer, he was naturally drawn to dressing up and posing models for his portraits. Now, with a number of years under his belt as a photographer, Wesley has developed a keen eye for portraiture, bringing out the natural beauty in his subjects.

L. A. Nolan

L. A. has been around photography as early as he can remember, as his father was an avid hobbyist photographer that taught him how to operate film cameras. That stuck with him. As a young adult fascinated with the digital explosion, he always carried a small point-and-shoot camera, documenting his life. In the late 2000's, he decided to "get more serious" and purchased his first professional camera. This led him on a journey experimenting with many different camera types and photographic styles. As a more seasoned photographer, L. A. has found his home with the realism of candid street photography.